Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rearranging Deck Chairs

Nothing new is happening. People keep asking me how my job-hunt is going, and it isn't really going anywhere.

I had an interview last week, but it was over before it even started. I got an email on Wednesday from a woman who wanted to arrange a phone interview for Monday. The email looked a bit funny (not funny "ha ha," but funny "this could be spam). It seemed partially legitimate, so I checked her name out on LinkedIn and she's a real person. Her company is interesting. But the job title she cited as the one I'd applied for didn't sound familiar. I checked through my records—I save all emails, letters, and job postings, and I keep a database of all the jobs I've applied for. No luck—the job title she referred to didn't match anything I'd applied for, but since it was similar to ones I've applied for, and since she seemed to check out, and since I want to work, I replied to the email agreeing to the phone interview. Now we shall see if she calls on Monday.

It's December 10, and I'm adjusting my goals. Originally, after I got laid off, I wanted a job right away, so that there was virtually no lag time between jobs. I knew this goal was preposterous, and entirely unlikely to be met despite anything I attempted to do to meet it, but it was my goal, and I was going to pursue it. After about a month, I re-evaluated, and decided that I'd hope for a job by the end of the year, knowing full well that nobody does any hiring during the holiday season. Again, a preposterous goal, but it drove me forward and kept me focused. When the calendar turned over to December, I counted how many jobs I've applied for since September 18, when I started job search #2. 80. I re-evaluated my goal again, and thought it might be interesting to try to apply for 20 more jobs before the end of the year, bringing my total up to 100. It's a numbers game now. If I do meet that number, it'll be 200 jobs I've applied for in six months.

I'm now no longer upset about rejections, either outright or implied by inaction. I'm honing my criteria and applying for fewer jobs. I'm only applying for jobs I have a chance of getting. When I started this search, I applied for everything that was even feasible. Of course, I thought lots of those jobs I applied for were feasible, but many weren't. Now I'm not "shooting for everything," I'm just casting an informed, wide net. I'm not applying for things that I have no chance of ever getting.

I re-did my résumé again (4th time), in hopes that it'll garner more response. I'm branching out, trying to find new companies and job boards to use. I'm worn out, and I feel like I'm rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I'm ready for this year to be over. It won't feel any different when 2012 comes, but I'll draw a line under 2011, and try to get a fresh mindset as the New Year arrives.

Hurry, 2012!


  1. What has the world come to when a sassy, fantastic professional like you has applied for 200 jobs in a year? Honestly, all I can say is, enough with 2011. 2012 has to get better. Giving you all of my holiday happiness vibes. You deserve to just chill out and enjoy yourself for a little while. xo

  2. I feel your pain. Job hunting these last couple of years is just a nightmare. You could do everything right and be perfect for a position, but something could still be off and it's got nothing to do with you. Still, that doesn't make you feel any better or less frustrated. All I can say is that things usually happen for a reason and maybe you just need a bit of time to take a break... good things are coming my dear!