Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal II

As all .008 of my readers know, I've been growing these daffodils for awhile now. For a long time, I thought they'd never come up. Then, in November, some tiny shoots popped up, and I posted a photo then.

Three months later, I've got 8" foliage in some cases. Almost every bulb has produced some sort of shoot. It's really gratifying, considering I've got black thumb when growing anything other than bulbs in a pot. I've tried more than once to grow sweet peas and other flowers, to no avail. Now I stick to what I know.

I spent a few minutes trying to work on perspective with this sketch of the square white pot. I think I did okay on the pot and daffs, but the table is way off!

Oh well, I like the drawing of the pot. Who cares about the table!?

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  1. Um, hello! I'm a whole reader! :-) I think your sketch is great. I should be focusing on learning how to do this, but there hasn't been much drawing here over the last couple of weeks.